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Sending Your Flowers and Ashes to Wootique Preservation

Sending Ashes and Locks of Hair

If you would like to commission a memorial creation, please use the 'contact form' to request a Cremation Commission Ordering Pack. The ordering pack will be sent to you with everything you need to send the ashes. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact me and I will happily help!


Sending Flowers

To ensure that your flowers are preserved in the best condition as possible, Wootique Preservation will require them as soon after your occasion as possible. Within 1-3 days would be ideal, however if this is not possible, please ensure that the flowers are kept in clean water, and in a cool dry environment away from sunlight and moisture. The flowers are to be sent to Wootique Preservation unless agreed otherwise, if you are local to the studio then I am happy to collect or arrange a time for you to deliver in person. Sometimes it may be easier for a friend or family member to hand deliver to me if local. 

The flowers will be used in the condition they are received, unless severely damaged. Please be aware that dead or brown flowers cannot be revived and will not be used in your creations. The success of the preservation depends entirely on the quality, age, condition and variety of the flower. Please be aware that pale and white flowers have a tendency to go translucent in the resin and this may be seen in the finished piece. Colours of the flowers may change slightly or darken throughout the process. White flowers may take on a creamy colour, pink/purple flowers may turn magenta, red flowers may become a dark claret colour, pale pink/lilac flowers may turn white/creamy or darken. 


Some flowers cannot be preserved, however I will advise this where applicable. When placing a commission with Wootique Preservation, you are agreeing to and understanding that the flowers may change their colour and translucency during the preservation process, and Wootique preservation cannot be held responsible for any poor quality of flowers due to their condition upon arrival to the studio. If you would like a particular composition or you would like specific flowers to be used, please advise this upon ordering, otherwise the composition and visual design will be left to the artist’s discretion. 

If sending your full bouquet, only a small selection of flowers will be kept to create your piece (not applicable for box framed orders). Any remaining flowers will be recycled, due to the volume of orders these cannot be stored. I advise to send as many flowers as possible. This means there will be more choice to work with and only the best flowers will be included. If sending a selection of stems, please send at least 3 stems of each flower to ensure there is enough. If you are unsure, please contact me and I will happily help! 


Items Required to send your flowers:

• 1 Empty plastic container or very sturdy cardboard box

• Kitchen roll

• Cling film

• Bubble Wrap or shredded paper

• Parcel Tape

Written Note - include your name, delivery address, contact number & email so that I know who the flowers belong to. 

Unfortunately plastic containers are not returned unless requested, which may result in additional postage costs.


1) Carefully wrap only the stems of the flowers with water-soaked kitchen towel and secure with cling-film. Be careful not to let any of the petals become wet as this will cause the flowers to deteriorate and risk them not being used. 

2) Place the flowers in a plastic container or sturdy cardboard box & cushion them with bubble wrap or shredded paper. This will hold the flowers securely for their journey. 


It is advised to send via a tracked or recorded service to ensure safe delivery of the flowers. Please contact me via the contact page for information on where to send your parcel.