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Where the story began

Hi! I'm Wendy Hughes, the Founder and Floral Artist of Wootique Preservation. It is not difficult to see that I absolutely love flowers, nature and all things art!


As a young girl, I was always creative, and excelled in art  & design right through to higher education. I achieved a First Class Honours Degree, upon completing my BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2010, and naturally transitioned to complete and pass my PGCE in Post Compulsory Education. Whilst teaching Fine Art, I have showcased original paintings in exhibitions up and down the UK and the Netherlands, and continued my passion as an artist for a number of years. I created my own oil paint, which consisted of pure pigments mixed with a concoction of resin and oil mediums, this is where my interest of resin and its diverse properties derived from. Alongside my artistic pursuit, I have 10 years of commercial business experience, and this mixed with a creative mind was the start of something magical! 

Having always grown up with a wonderful garden as a child, and being surrounded by a multitude of flowers, plants and stunning trees, my love of nature has only intensified with age. I am fascinated by mother-nature and the pure art that has already been created when you look around.


My utmost favourite bloom has to be the orchid. I currently have 54 orchid plants in my collection and it is still growing! I have even grown my own orchid babies (keikis). My logo has been inspired by the Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids. I formed Wootique Preservation to encapsulate the precious phenomenon created by nature, using blooms from a bouquet, a funeral spray or even a garden. I can enable your memories to live on through flowers that have touched your heart and soul.

I hope you enjoy my interpretations of the incredible natural world around us through floral preservation. 


Wendy x